Our primary goal at Equipeutic Touch is to offer quality care for your equine partners. We believe that working as a part of the team of veterinarians, farriers, equine dentists, nutritionists, trainers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, grooms, and YOU the owner is vital in accomplishing maximum results.
Sports Massage
Acupoint Therapy
Photonic Light Therapy
Respiratory Treatments
Kinesiology Taping

Pricing List

Equine Sports Massage Therapy


Kinesiology Taping



Photonic Light Therapy



Respiratory Treatment



Acupoint Therapy



*$10 off any session for first time clients

*Special discounts for rescue organizations/therapy horses

*Additional therapies combined with massage receive a discounted price

*Discounts for multiple animals or multiple sessions purchased at once

*Travel fees for distances farther than 30mi from zip code 70739 may apply

*Equipeutic Touch charges by the session not by the minutes

Payment Terms

Payment is due in full at the time of each session. Cash and checks are accepted (we will soon be accepting most major credit cards.) Returned checks will be assessed a $20 fee.

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Sports Massage is the use of hands-on techniques to: -Enhance muscle tone -Increase range of motion -Reduce inflammation in the joints -Alleviate pain -Relaxe muscles -In...
Sports Massage
1 h


Treated my 3 horses to a massage yesterday and they thoroughly enjoyed it! Hailey did an excellent job with them! She is very knowledgeable and she loves what she does! Will be having Hailey back soon!!!

Pamela Conners

DR gets massages from Hailey regularly. He enjoys the attention and I am seing good results finally from his lameness.

Angela Ducote

I had Hailey come give my mare a massage, she must have really enjoyed it because she was so relaxed she almost fell asleep!

Teresa Lott


Contact Us

Located in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana

haileyml@hotmail.com  \  Cell: (225)-400-4413


*Note: We service areas throughout Baton Rouge, Lafayete, and surrounding areas. Longer distance locations are available by arrangement, however a travel fee may be applied to locations more than 30 miles from zip code 70739.

Feel free to send a message and let me know if you have any questions concerning my services and how it can help your horse.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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